How did Inside the Loop get its name?

The new Inside the Loop Film Festival has a rather unique name.  How did it come to be?

On October 6 – 8, the film festival events will be held at Sharonville Cultural Center in Sharonville, just on the perimeter of downtown Cincinnati.

Like many large American cities, Cincinnati has a major highway that loops around the entire city in a big circle – the I-275.  The central core of the city is inside that circle, or “inside the loop”.

The description “Inside the Loop” is very familiar to anyone in that community, and in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas as well. Therefore, the name was chosen to unify each of those areas in addition to pinpointing the film festival’s hub.

Sponsored by ArtsWave, the Greater Cincinnati region’s local arts agency and the nation’s first and largest community campaign for the arts, the Inside the Loop Film Festival has also quickly received strong support from top business and industry leaders in the Cincinnati/Sharonville community with an eye toward not simply celebrating film, but also working to encourage more film production and spur additional interest for outside film interests and production companies to look to the area as an attractive location to shoot their films – thus benefitting local businesses and economy.

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